Welcome to Wheelhome

Welcome to Wheelhome


“the undisputed champion of ingenuity when it comes to making the most of a micro-camper”, according to Which Motorhome magazine (now What Motorhome).

See the September 2017 issue of What Motorhome magazine for a report on our Vikenze II.  

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2. Buy the August 2015 back issue of Which Motorhome magazine as it has an excellent article "Sell the car, get a campervan".

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Wheelhome campers are lovingly crafted in our workshop here in Essex.  All Wheelhome Motorcaravans are thoughtfully designed to provide, amongst many other features, sufficient room to access the fridge, and use a Porta Potti at all times, including when the beds are made up, unlike most other makes!

A brief overview of our compact car-like campers which feature some truly innovative designs/ideas that are refreshingly different to other makes;

VIKENZE II;  Based on the Fiat Qubo (the car version of the Fiorino) so has a tailgate at the back.  50+ MPG is comfortably achievable and road tax is only £30 a year.  Automatic is an option on diesel engines, petrol engines also available.   Vikenze II follows in part, the original Vikenze formula but now provides all-electric cooking as per our Skurry, it is therefore, gas free.  It is a dedicated single berth camper, with two seats for travelling in the front only.  Quality has been pushed even further - leather seating and high gloss furniture is now standard. 

NEW MODEL LAUNCHING SPRING 2018; Compact and lightweight elevating roof touring caravan that can be towed by the very latest generation of small efficient cars. This little gem will be unlike anything else on the market as it will offer a whole host of genuine  "out of the box" thinking.  Designed specifically to meet the challenges and demands of new and forthcoming vehicle legislation/technology to allow you to enjoy your leisure time, not just today but for the future, too.  Future-proof caravanning has arrived! 

Tow-able by your current car, but, importantly, also bang-up-to-date petrol or petrol/hybrid cars such as Suzuki Swift, Ford Fiesta etc. (some of which even have regenerative braking systems) and also fully electric cars as and when they become viable and available.  It will be compact, aerodynamically efficient and light-weight on the road, making absolute minimal demands upon the tow car - yet will offer 30% more space when on site...

To be available as a dedicated one berth version or a two berth, both with largest beds around whilst retaining full and easy access to the Porta Potti and kitchen facilities.   All electric cooking with induction hob, electric oven, microwave, fridge etc.  Garageable, integrated cycle racks, motor mover, solar panel and so much more.  When we launched our previous little caravan (the Sprintaway) over a decade ago it caused a bit of a stir...winning a number of awards including from the Caravan Club; "Best Lightweight Folding Caravans and Pop Tops" whilst Caravan Magazine decreed it "Best Build Quality 2007" (with maximum marks possible). The Caravan Club Magazine went on to say 
"It is rare nowadays that we can say we have something new in the way of a caravan, but Wheelhome's Sprintaway is a wonderfully thought-out and engineered micro caravan that is certainly something very new indeed. ……. Ingenious piece of design……...Wheelhome's concept is to make life as easy as possible….. A brilliant piece of caravan design and engineering".  By 2007 it was selling for upwards of £14,500.   Our latest creation will start from well under £20,000, to be confirmed.     


Wheelhome produced Motorcaravans (past and present) are not subject to the London Low Emission Zone (This is not the case with some of our competitor's vehicles, so watch out!).

Wheelhome campers are small campers, small Motorcaravans, compact Motorcaravans, compact campers, micro campers, micro Motorcaravans. Call them what you want, but to us, they are Garageable Campers! Enjoy!

Please note; We do not convert on any other vehicles or carry out part conversions (including elevating roofs).

Wheelhome campers can only be ordered direct from Wheelhome in Brentwood, Essex.  We do not sell out side of the U.K.

Quotes from the mags. October 2014 MMM magazine had a report on our Skurry, they gave it the maximum of 5 stars saying "...the Skurry is the benchmark" August 2013 issue of Which Motorhome magazine, had an "Economy test" of a variety of campers, including the Skurry. "If we'd broadened our economy remit to include aspects of the conversions, too, there's little doubt this (the Wheelhome Skurry) would have been our overall winner". "49.1 mpg". "It's also true to say the Skurry has almost infinitely more storage than any of it's same-size rivals". "Arguably, every vehicle in this month's showdown has a fair bit of character. It's just the Skurry has more than most". Thanks Which Motorhome!

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